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CALL US for requests with less than 2 weeks advance notice.


Requesting an interpreter -  It is important to provide us with as much advance information so that we can plan, schedule and inform interpreters.
Date and time: Specific date(s) and time(s), as well as the approximate length of time an interpreter or interpreters are  needed.
Physical Location: Physical address of the event or appointment.
Names of Consumers: Names of the Deaf and hearing parties involved.
Setting: The type of setting, for example, one-on-one, small group, large group, training, conference, seminar, etc. and approximate number of people involved.
Subject Matter/Agenda: Background on the event and the material to be interpreted, such as an agenda, presentation, scripts or set lists, and/or a website.
Team Interpreting - Using two (2) or more interpreters for certain assignments as outlined by the RID Position Paper on Team Interpreting.
Some assignments may require the use of  two (2) or more interpreters who function as a team. This is usually necessary for training, conferences and/or seminars. Two interpreters  may also be necessary for assignments that are, but limited to, longer than 1.5 hours of continuous interpreting, are of a highly technical nature, have speakers/presenters speaking at a rapid pace, and/or include multimedia.       Sometimes an intermediary interpreter, such as a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) may be needed for special cases and situations.

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Communication Plus+
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  • Standard 2.0-hr minimum
  • Cancellations with less than 24-hr notice are charged for time contracted
  • Requests with less than 24-hr notice are charged at a 1.5 differential rate
  • After hours (after 5 pm, before 8 am)          and weekends are charged        at a 1.5 differential rate
  • Interpreter expenses may include mileage, travel time and/or parking