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  • Can anyone who knows sign language interpret for us?
    No. Individuals who know sign language may be able to converse at varying levels of proficiency, but they are not certified interpreters and do not have the requisite training as interpreters.

  • Is there a law about interpreters and accessibility?
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),, requires the provision of qualified interpreters in a variety of settings. It states that "To satisfy this requirement, the interpreter must have the proven ability to effectively communicate ..." Professional interpreting credentials are an important measure of proven ability. The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID) provides testing for national certification. For information regarding certification, please visit

  • Is insurance responsible for covering the expense of interpreters?
    Please refer to the National Association of the Deaf, Inc. at  for insurance-related questions.


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How does the privacy rule of HIPAA apply to hired interpreters?
The privacy rule of HIPAA (PL 104-191) permits the disclosure of protected health information to interpreters/interpreting service providers. When an interpreter is required to enable professionals to administer medical care, Communication Plus+ Interpreting Services, Inc. and the interpreter becomes a part of the covered entity. As a service provider, medical and mental health facilities usually execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with us.

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