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The websites linked to below offer a wide variety of information and tools on interpreting, sign language, deafness, advocacy, research and education.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessibility Information

ADA Home Page Contains information and helpful resources pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA Tax Incentives Packet - Information from the U.S. Department of Justice about the ADA and tax benefits for small and large businesses, as well as IRS information.

National Disability Rights Network - NDRN is the nonprofit membership organization for the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems and Client Assistance Programs (CAP) for individuals with disabilities. Collectively, the P&A/CAP network is the largest provider of legally based advocacy services to people with disabilities in the United States.

Disability Rights Center of Arkansas - DRC is the protection and advocacy (P&A) system in Arkansas and provides a range of services to advocate for and protect the rights of persons with disabilities throughout the state.

Communication Access Information Center - CART Services (Communication Access Realtime Translation). Sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association, this site has general information about CART, how to find a provider and what to expect. In addition, the site discusses different setting where CART is used.

Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology - COAT is a coalition of over 300 national, regional, state, and community-based disability organizations, including RID. COAT advocates for legislative and regulatory safeguards that will ensure full access by people with disabilities to evolving high speed broadband, wireless and other Internet Protocol (IP) technologies.


Interpreter Associations

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.  - RID is a national membership organization representing the professionals who facilitate communication between people who are deaf or hard of hearing and people who hear. RID is the national certification body.

Arkansas Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf - ARID the state affiliate chapter of the RID. ARID is a membership-driven nonprofit organization committed to ensuring interpreter professional development and strives to provide and maintain high quality interpreting services in Arkansas.

Mano a Mano – Mana a Mano is a national organization of interpreters who work in Spanish-influenced setting.

National Alliance of Black Interpreters, Inc. - NAOBI is the national association that supports sign language interpreters from the African diaspora.

European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters - EFSLI is a membership organization of sign language interpreters from both in and out of the European Union.

The International Association of Conference Interpreters - AIIC is the only worldwide association for conference interpreters, representing professional conference interpreters in all languages.

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters  - WASLI is an international association that is committed to developing the interpreting profession worldwide.


American Sign Language and Interpreter Education

Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education - CCIE was founded to promote professionalism in the field of sign language interpreter education through the process of accreditation and is the accreditation body for degree-granting interpreter education programs.

UALR Interpreter Education Program - Prepares interpreters and transliterators of American Sign Language (ASL) and English, oral interpreters and interpreters for persons who are deaf blind at the BA degree level. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE).

Conference of Interpreter Trainers - CIT is the professional organization of interpreter educators. This site also provides information about the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education, the accreditation body for interpreting programs.

National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers - NCIEC's goal is to significantly increase the number of qualified and credentialed interpreters in the field by forging collaborative links and facilitating practice and product sharing among interpreter education service providers, practitioners, educators and consumers nationwide. One initiative is to increase interest in and understanding about the interpreting profession.

Discover Interpreting - The Discover Interpreting site provides an excellent overview of the interpreting profession and paths to becoming an interpreter.

American Sign Language Teachers Association - ASLTA is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching of ASL and Deaf Studies at all levels of instruction.

The University of Northern Colorado - Provides a listing of training programs, products and resources available to interpreters and people who want to become an interpreter.

Masters in Teaching - A comprehensive and up to date list of all schools that offer a Masters in Teaching with direct links to each program.


American Sign Language Online Dictionaries and Related Graphics

Handspeak  - A practical online video sign language dictionary.

ASLPro  - An online video sign language dictionary. This site is not designed as a stand alone learning tool. A user’s best course of action is to enroll in ASL classes with a qualified teacher who can guide them in regional differences and fail expressions that are addressed in the video database.

American Sign Language Browser - Provides short video clips showing how to sign words in ASL.

Disability Access Symbols - This site contains symbols that may be used to promote and publicize accessibility of

places, programs and other activities for people with various disabilities (including the symbol for sign language interpreting).


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Associations

National Association of the Deaf - NAD’s mission is to promote, protect and preserve the rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America.

Arkansas Association of the Deaf (AAD)  - The AAD is the state affiliate chapter of the NAD and promotes the educational, economic, and social welfare of Arkansans who are deaf or hard of hearing.

American Association of the Deaf-Blind - AADB is a national consumer organization of, by and for deaf-blind Americans and their supporters. Deaf-blind includes all types and degrees of dual vision and hearing loss.?

Arkansas DeafBlind Community  - ADBC is the ONLY consumer directed organization in Arkansas that represents the interests of the deafblind population by sharing ideas and resources. ADBC’s goals include providing a social network for sharing information, offering workshops on employment, independent living, leadership skills, and computer technology, and sponsoring Deafblind Arkansans to attend a biennial convention of the American Association of the DeafBlind.

Intertribal Deaf Council - IDC is a non-profit organization of Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Indians whose goals are similar to many Native American organizations. IDC promotes the interests of its members by fostering and enhancing their cultural, historical and linguistic tribal traditions.

National Asian Deaf Congress - The NADC provides cultural awareness and advocacy for the interests of the Asian Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.

National Black Deaf Advocates - NBDA’s mission is to promote leadership development, economic and educational opportunities, social equality, and to safeguard the general health and welfare of Black deaf and hard of hearing people.

World Federation of the Deaf - WFD is an international non-governmental organization representing approximately 70 million deaf people worldwide. Most important among WFD priorities are deaf people in developing countries; the right to sign language; and equal opportunity in all spheres of life, including access to education and information.


Information and Resources on Deafness

Described and Captioned Media Program - The DCMP’s mission is to provide all persons who are deaf or hard of hearing awareness of and equal access to communication and learning through the use of captioned educational media and supportive collateral materials. The DCMP also acts as a captioning information and training center.

National Deaf Education Center - The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center provides a variety of information and resources on deafness.

Promoting Awareness in Healthcare, Medical and Deaf - PAH, MD works to improve the quality of healthcare offered to deaf and hard of hearing individuals through the education of consumers and healthcare providers and encourages deaf and hard of hearing individuals to pursue careers in healthcare delivery.


Advocacy and Resource Organizations

National Domestic Violence Hotline - Resources and help for deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing women trying to leave abusive relationships.

Services for deaf and deaf-blind women - ADWAS provides comprehensive services to Deaf and Deaf-Blind victims/survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. ADWAS believes that violence is a learned behavior and envisions a world where violence is not tolerated.


Postsecondary Education

Gallaudet University - Gallaudet University is a leader in undergraduate liberal arts education, career development and outstanding graduate programs for deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing students. The University is also renowned for its research on the history, language and culture of deaf people.

National Technical Institute for the Deaf - NTID’s mission is to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing students with outstanding state-of-the-art technical and professional programs, complemented by a strong liberal arts and sciences curriculum, that prepare them to live and work in the mainstream of a rapidly changing global community and enhances their lifelong learning.

National Multicultural Interpreter Project - Contains curriculum developed under a grant program that deals with multiculturalism within the interpreting profession.

Deaf Education Web site - Contains information and resources for deaf education professionals.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessibility Information
Interpreter Associations
American Sign Language and Interpreter Education
American Sign Language Online Dictionaries and Related Graphics
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Associations
Information and Resources on Deafness
Advocacy and Resource Organizations
Postsecondary Education